Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Birth Mom-

Five years ago today, you gave birth to the most amazing little boy.  He must have looked so tiny at only 7 or 8 pounds. We don't know what name you gave him, we don't even know if you saw him or not.  You made the ultimate sacrifice for him.  You laid a piece of your heart in a safe place where someone would find him and take him to the orphanage.  We do not know your name, or where you live or if you are still living or not.  We do know you did a very brave thing- unmentionable to most here in the US.  Here, we have choices, adoption, government assistance programs.  The list never ends.  Our government is trying to ensure a mom never has to make the choice you made 5 years ago today.  We know, after learning about Ethiopia and seeing it first hand that you were out of options.  You were probably starving yourself and leaving your child to be cared for at the orphange was the best decision you could have made.  We cannot imagine how you were able to muster the strength just a few minutes after you delivered him.  The strength and courage to say goodbye forever.  You probably thought, "At least he will be able to eat and go to school, so much more than I could give him".  Your choice was amazing, and so is your son.  He did not end up in an orphanage, he is being raised by a family who loves him so completely, so totally.  He loves to run and his favorite foods are chicken and blueberries.  He is so smart and totally healthy and a miracle and a blessing. We cannot imagine our lives without him.  We pray for you every night.  We pray that you would have a peace about the decision you made 5 years ago today.  That somehow you know that the Lord has some outragous things planned for your son.  Thank you for making the most unbelieveable sacrifice so that we could become a family. 
Andrew's Family

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