Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Birth Mom-

Five years ago today you gave birth to the most incredible little girl.  You chose the perfect spot to lay her on the side of the road.  Close to foot traffic but not too close to the road.  You carved out a little hole for her to lay.  I feel like you must have waited to see if someone would find her.  Someone did.  A policeman, he named her Hamelmal, which means beautiful reed because she was so beautiful and so slight.  Her next few months were a little precarious as she was allergic to the formula she was eating and didn't gain any weight.  I am sure those same months were precarious for you too.  Grieving a loss you had to pretend never happened.  Choosing this for your daughter to keep the rest of your family safe.  I cannot imagine what was racing through your mind as you took one last look at your precious girl.  Did you think about her future, or just her immeidate safety?  Did you have the horrible thoughts of what would happen to you if you were caught?  I wounder what you think about today on the anniversary of her birth.  We pray for you each night.  We pray that you would see your decision as good and your heart would be peaceful.  We pray tat somehow you would know that tiny baby girl is not in an orphanage, halfway to "aging out of the system".  She is living with a family.  With parents who love her more deeply than they thought possible. She has the sweetest Ethiopian brother her same age and a younger adopted brother too.  She is so smart and funny and knock yourr socks off beautiful. She knows they story of how she came to be a part of our family and even though we dont know your name or anything about you you are part of the story.  Thank you for choosing to give this amazing little girl a story.  Thank you for putting her life above your wants and grief.  Words cannot express how thankful we are for the blessing you gave us 5 years ago today.
Annabelle's family


  1. Wow...that was incredibly moving. What a wonderful story. How happy her birth mother would be if she knew that in the end, she had given her little girl such a wonderful life. :)

  2. Love, Love, Love this post... :)