Friday, October 29, 2010

Prayer Request

Our consultant's name is Tracie Loux, she works at CAC (Christian Adoption Consultants).  We don't know her very well yet, but she is an amazing woman.  She has six children, 3 are biological, 3 are adopted and 2 of those are special needs.  She and her husband just (last week) adopted Matthias Samuel.  Mattie is very sick, please pray for him and his family.  You can follow their blog at
The story of the Loux family is an unbelievable story of God's leading and grace.  It is a perfect reminder of how fragile a tiny life can be, wether adopted or not.  Please join us in praying for this sweet family.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished the Family Profile

What is a Family Profile you ask?  Well it is 27 little questions that will match us with a birth mom...  No big deal right?  BIG FRIGGIN DEAL IS WHAT I SAY!!!  I sat down at the computer at 1:00 and took a deep breath, spent some time in prayer and started writing.  My sweet friends who have done this before told me not to "sweat the small stuff".  I could drive myself crazy wondering how to phrase something or thinking about what a birth mom might want to see.  So I just wrote.  27 questions some 3500 words and 4 hours later I am finished.  Sigh of relief anyone?  Sort of...  This means that I now have 2 more steps to complete before we can being sending out our profile.  One is glorious because I have no control over it- certification from the state!   I know, those of you who know me well say. "did she just say glorious and out of my control in one sentence"?  Yes, I did...  Adoption is changing me...  And truly I HAVE NO CONTROL (even if I wanted to).  We just wait for that to come in the mail!  Second is pictures...  Molly, you say, seriously?  You could find the 80-100 pictures you need between your two blogs!  Although think about it, do I want a birth mom reading my "mother of the year monday" posts?  I don't think so!  Do I want her to see the pics of Andrew's mess (chocolate syrup, flour, eggs and fish oil ring a bell)? Not a chance!!!  I do have 132 pics put together with our shiniest smiles and our neatest hair.  Here comes the but... BUT I do not have any pics of Bill and I together (since our Wedding in 2001) YIKES!!!  Let me tell you I am SUPER excited to go have a photo shoot-BOOO!!!  I love my husband for sure, but I am not looking forward to a few hours of getting our pics taken hoping we get 30-40 good ones (yes, that's how many they want of us).  Okay, bright side Molly!  You will get to spend 2 kid free hours with your husband gazing into each other's eyes. Yea, I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do you spell thousand??

I remember asking that question when I wrote my first tuition check in college- YIKES!!!  You have to write REALLY small to get all the letters to fit on the tiny line on the check.  We were asking ourselves the same question again tonight as we wrote the check to Christian Adoption Consultants who will be assisting us with our adoption (see their website at  But again, God was faithful!  He gave us money from another unlikely source!  So we are on our way to becoming parents again!  So we have now cleared out our adoption fund and we are hoping to get a grant or two to help us with the costs for the rest.  We know it is God's plan to grow our family, so we know He will provide.  Here is a pic of the kids mailing a grant application!

Praise the Lord for His provision so far!  Please continue to pray with us as we wait for Baby Sanborn #3- and stay tuned for pics of the nursery and some adorable baby clothes we were given already!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Baby Sanborn #3,

This is the entry from "Our Adoption Journal" from last night:

October 11, 2010
            Today is historic on our road to bringing you home!  After 3 weeks of prayer and tears and more prayer and more tears…  your daddy and I have decided to bring you home from somewhere in the United States, not Ethiopia as we had previously planned. We knew when we started this journey that God would direct us to you, and we wanted to be faithful to His desires for our family.  Well little one, we now know that means taking a path we know nothing about.  You will soon learn that is often how God works.  He wants us to fully trust Him, not rely on what we already know.  This is exactly what we have done with this decision.  In a lot of ways, Ethiopia seemed like the safer route.  We have done it before, had virtually NO questions when we started out paperwork this time.  It seemed right.  The more we prayed about it and thought about it, we just weren’t sure.  That little doubt was enough for us to put aside our plans and ask God what he wanted for us.  And 3 weeks later, we know you will not have an Ethiopian adoption story like Andrew and Annabelle.  You will have your own story, different from theirs, different than any story we could have imagined (and still can’t seem to wrap our heads around).  But your adoption story will end the same as theirs, with you becoming a Sanborn.  
We love you baby and can’t wait to meet you!  See you soon!