Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do you spell thousand??

I remember asking that question when I wrote my first tuition check in college- YIKES!!!  You have to write REALLY small to get all the letters to fit on the tiny line on the check.  We were asking ourselves the same question again tonight as we wrote the check to Christian Adoption Consultants who will be assisting us with our adoption (see their website at  But again, God was faithful!  He gave us money from another unlikely source!  So we are on our way to becoming parents again!  So we have now cleared out our adoption fund and we are hoping to get a grant or two to help us with the costs for the rest.  We know it is God's plan to grow our family, so we know He will provide.  Here is a pic of the kids mailing a grant application!

Praise the Lord for His provision so far!  Please continue to pray with us as we wait for Baby Sanborn #3- and stay tuned for pics of the nursery and some adorable baby clothes we were given already!

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