Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Baby Sanborn #3,

This is the entry from "Our Adoption Journal" from last night:

October 11, 2010
            Today is historic on our road to bringing you home!  After 3 weeks of prayer and tears and more prayer and more tears…  your daddy and I have decided to bring you home from somewhere in the United States, not Ethiopia as we had previously planned. We knew when we started this journey that God would direct us to you, and we wanted to be faithful to His desires for our family.  Well little one, we now know that means taking a path we know nothing about.  You will soon learn that is often how God works.  He wants us to fully trust Him, not rely on what we already know.  This is exactly what we have done with this decision.  In a lot of ways, Ethiopia seemed like the safer route.  We have done it before, had virtually NO questions when we started out paperwork this time.  It seemed right.  The more we prayed about it and thought about it, we just weren’t sure.  That little doubt was enough for us to put aside our plans and ask God what he wanted for us.  And 3 weeks later, we know you will not have an Ethiopian adoption story like Andrew and Annabelle.  You will have your own story, different from theirs, different than any story we could have imagined (and still can’t seem to wrap our heads around).  But your adoption story will end the same as theirs, with you becoming a Sanborn.  
We love you baby and can’t wait to meet you!  See you soon!

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  1. What an amazing little spark of light you are Benjamin Jer love you to the moon and back again!!