Monday, January 3, 2011

Really Lord??!!

It's funny...  My life has been a series of events that only God could have orchestrated (I know hindsight, right).  And at every hard place, I have made the choice to give it all to God.  Not by my choice often- but because I felt there was no where else to turn.  And never by my own strength, always with the perfect strength given to me, and by so many of you who have prayed for and encouraged me.  And yet, I continue to want, no,  need to control whatever little piece I can.  Building our family is the perfect example.  Even this adoption, which we thought would be another Ethiopian adoption.  God just wants me to trust Him regardless of where He takes me.  So when He told us, to trust Him and move in a different direction we did.  Now he has blessed us with the wait for a specific baby- baby boy Sanborn (yes, we are working on a name).  I was so excited because it is so close, but plenty long enough to plan out every little detail. Or so I thought!  About 10 minutes after the last post, our social worker called us and told us our birth mom was in labor- at 33 weeks.  Not the full term we expected with an induction on Feb 7. A little earlier than is best case scenario and much too early for my plan book!!!  Birth mom is fine now and was sent home to "bake" our baby boy for a little bit longer.  I feel like God was sending us a message.  We are not in control of this journey, He is.  He will decide when it is best for our baby to come to us, my planner will not decide.  Thank you Lord for reminding me that you have all of this in your hands.  You have a plan for all of this and are in perfect control.

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  1. Molly and family,
    As I sit here waiting for my little sweet pea to stir and let me know he's hungry, I'm catching up on your journey. It floors me to feel God through all of this. And I'm sure your baby boy just got a little anxious to meet you all -- it's quite a family he's receiving. I have never met your children or your husband, but I fondly remember your mom, dad and brother. A family full of love and life and faith. No doubt your have a similar situation in your home now. I will pray for your family, your new baby, and your birth mom. May God continue to bless you all and keep you on your toes :)