Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay, may not be post worthy to most of you!  Here in the Sanborn home, I was quite excited when Mimi bought us this fabulous accessory.  She bought us the stroller for the babies five years ago, but there wasn't much choice.  We didn't know how old they would be, and it had to be a double (obviously) and there just wasn't much out there.  This time around we are welcoming a tiny baby and need an "infant seat" instead of a convertible car seat (that will come later).  So of course we need a travel system!!  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!  My mom did a bunch of research on line and picked one that got awesome reviews (on-line and by friends and total strangers we asked).  My cousin Bryn even humored me by letting me push it around the house the weekend I got it while we were supposed to be watching chick flicks.  So here is the stroller...  Drum roll please...

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  1. Oh so you are so like me. When we bought Carter's stroller, I'd just go in the garage and stare at it throughout the day. Don't get me started on pacifiers and sippy cups...I'm obsessed! Super excited for you!