Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Baby Sanborn,

January 10, 2011
            Sweet Pea-
            You are captivating my every thought.  It is beyond excited, and different too.  I am excited of course, I cannot wait to meet you.  I am willing myself to wait patiently.  I have to say we still have a lot to get ready, but I just want to fast forward to the day we meet you.  I can’t wait to hold you and sing “you are my sunshine”.  That is the song  your Mimi and Pappy sang to me, and I sing to your brother and sister.  We have tried to keep a little distance from you as adoption is never a sure thing until the papers are signed and that wont be until the day after you are born.  It is so difficult to try and bond with you now, knowing in a few weeks we could have our hearts broken.  Sweet Pea, I really cannot entertain the thought that you will not be part of our family.  This is either because the Lord is protecting my heart, or because He is giving me a glimpse into our future.  Whatever the reason, I simply cannot concentrate on anything these days.  I am PANICKED because we don’t have a name for you yet.  Although, I am growing very fond of Sweet Pea J.  I want to start calling you by name, but we haven’t settled on anything yet.  Nothing jumps out at me as YOUR name.  We are praying for you-fiercely!  We pray for your development, and safety.  We pray for your birth mom and her feelings as all of this is happening.  We pray for your siblings that will be returning home without you.  We pray for the doctors that will be involved in your care.  We pray for wisdom for the nurses that will take care of you as well.  We pray for the social workers involved and the lawyers too.  We are covering you and this whole adoption process with prayer.  We wait with anticipation until we hold you in our arms in just a few short weeks (27 days to be exact).  We love you!

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  1. We love you, too, sweet baby! :) You have an amazing family waiting for you! Hurry home! :)