Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear Baby Sanborn,

We are waiting for you.  The waiting is almost too much to bear now that we know when you are coming.  Funny, I thought I would feel better once we knew when you would be here.  We will be meeting you in less than 40 days (37 to be exact).  Wow.  Just saying that makes my stomach flutter.  It is New Year's Eve and we are ringing in the New Year with your brother and sister in California.  We are at Disneyland for the last time without you!  UB gave us tickets for Christmas.  Every time I walk by a baby my heart yearns to hold you in my arms.  My sweet cousin Caitlin (your second cousin) gave us a baby gift today- our first official wrapped baby gift!!!  Baby, do you know how much you are loved???!!!  You got Christmas presents even thought we didn't know about you.  Our dear friends, or precious neighbors and sweet family are almost as excited to meet you as we are.  Everyone is working together to get us ready to bring you home.  Brynnie bought you some really warm clothes, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Kim bought you a changing table, Miss Stephanie gave us a baby bag, Miss Erin gave us burp cloths, Caitlin and Bryan gave us a Moby Wrap...  The list goes on!!!  Right now, Daddy and I are working on your name.  We have a few choices, but nothing just perfect for you yet sweet pea.  We want to name you after your sweet Pappy, but not sure how to do that yet.  We also want you to have a strong name, one you can grow into, and a name that sounds good with Andrew and Annabelle.  So we are really working on something so that we can start calling you by name.  Whatever name we choose, we know that God has chosen you for our family, and that's the most important thing.  We are praying for you and your sweet birth mom and your brothers and sisters.  We are praying for your health and safety as you wait to come home with us.  We love you sweet pea, and can't wait to meet you!

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