Monday, December 6, 2010

So here are the nursery pics...

Sorry it took so long to get these up!

The nursery before...  This was the playroom and when we moved into the house 3 years ago, we thought we would adopt a boy next which is why the room is bright blue!

Our color choices, all shades of yellow!

Bill taping, my least favorite job!  What a good hubby!

Okay, so one coat of primer was not enough...  The "yellows" are on there because I wanted to see if the blue would show through there too- IT DID!!!  Two coats of primer it is!

She waited patiently to help with the nursery for like... oh that's right- 2 YEARS!!!

"Do Work Son!"

Halfway through the project...

The rocker
We used this for Andrew and Annabelle, we got it as a gift from the Delp's (are they a blessing to us or what?)
I think we calculated over 5000 hours in that rocker already!

Finished product, and the spot where the changing table will go

The crib with all of the clothes Mimi bought for the baby.  Of course Mimi isn't going neutral!  She will return when she needs to.  Thanks Mimi!

This is a bear my dad bought me in December of 2005 when we first decided to adopt.  We didn't know we would be blessed with two babies, so there is only one bear.  Since my dad died, this has been such a treasure.  Of course I bawled my eyes out when I was finally able to put this sweet bear in the crib.

Here is our packed, gender neutral suitcase 

The only outfits we packed that are gender specific are the "homecoming" outfits, to be used on the plane home.  They say "little brother" and "little sister"

This is the rest of the baby stuff!!  I was sooo excited to pack new bottles, and pookies and TINY baby clothes.  Yes, that is a had with a flower and a huge sparkly and next to it is a headband with a big bow.  Those gender neutral clothes are too drab for Annabelle's sister!!!  If it is a sister that is...

Diaper bag packed and ready to go.  So much smaller with only one baby!  And yes, it is still in the dust cover...

Now the "logistics" are seemingly worked out- ALL WE NEED IS A BABY!!  HA!!!  Tiny little detail- really tiny!  We are praying for discernment and wisdom as we wait.  We know God is in control of all of this and feel so excited to see what He has in store for our family.  We are so blessed to have you praying for us on our journey!

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  1. How exciting!! Can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew. The nursery looks adorable...