Monday, November 29, 2010

It's only been 2 weeks since my last post

Okay, so two weeks seems like a long time for most bloggers.  But remember my little blurb about "hurry up and wait"- well we have had more of that!!!  We have applied with 2 different agencies out of Utah (VERY adoption friendly state) and have finished the nursery.
We have a suitcase packed with gender neutral clothes and I am working on a big hair bow!  If Baby Sanborn is a girl and we can't have people confusing her gender because of the gender neutral clothes we packed now can we??!!  We chose the "gender neutral" because with domestic adoption we truly will not know if the baby is truly ours until we get on the plane to come home.  So if we get a call and it's a boy, we fly to Utah with a bunch of baby boy stuff, and it's NOT God's baby for us we will have a bunch of baby boy stuff we have already used and is non-returnable.  With gender neutral we can reuse the clothes for another baby.  Of course we are hoping this is not the case and we only leave to get the baby one time!!!  But we are trying to be practical.
We have had a few birth moms presented with our profile and I must say it's a little nerve wracking!!!  By nature I am a "people pleaser" and I have a pathological NEED for people to like me.  So imagine, you are like me and want desperately for people to like you.  Your whole life story is laid out on paper for the whole world to see.  Most importantly, the woman who will trust you with her child, she will be reading said life story on paper (otherwise know as a family profile).  Then to have that woman (or anyone for that matter) read your life story and say, "not interested", or "not good enough"...  Talk about a kick to the stomach!
God is using this experience to remind me that none of this is about me.  It's not about what I want, or when I want it (clearly).  It's not about what we wrote in the family profile (or what we left out).  It's not about what pluses and minuses we have as seen by outside observers.  It is about how God is building our family.  It is about Him.  He has our baby picked out, He always has.  It's just our job to wait patiently (okay, so I'm not super good at the patiently) until His plan is revealed.
We covet your prayers and are so thankful that you have come along side us on this journey.

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  1. One Lucky Baby!!! Those moms have no idea what how lucky they have it!!!