Sunday, November 7, 2010


We are still waiting for our certification- GRRR!!!!  I did mention (a few times) that adoption is about "hurry up and wait" right?!!  I am feeling so restless as we wait.  I know I was like this waiting for Andrew and Annabelle, but the thought has faded.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for our family- I CAN NOT STAND IT!!!!  I have made lists for diaper bags (halfway done filling it by the way), lists for suitcases (not even close yet, because we don't know where we are going ie. will parkas be required?), lists for registries (check and check), lists for nesting (every time I finish one task, I add two more) and written an in-depth schedule for whoever will be watching Andrew and Annabelle while we are gone.  BTW- the "flying anywhere on a moments notice" kind of adoption is EXTREMELY exciting (what adoption isn't) but not exactly practical when you have two little ones.  Let's just say, I have planned for contingency if we are gone during a weekend (Bill's parents), or during the week (Erin, Amy, Christy, Aunt Frankie, Mimi and UB THANKS GUYS).  So I think it is pretty obvious here I am not doing the whole "waiting thing" very well.  I can say I have had minimal "freak outs" in general.  Both have involved Bill making some snide comment about this "not being a big deal"-well you can imagine how well that went over.  All that being said, I am restless.  I am restless to mark something else off my checklist, I am restless waiting for the nursery to be finished, I am restless wondering what will be.  When I find myself on the edge of restless just about to cross over into anxious, I go into the nursery (pics to come, I swear, when it's done) and sit in the rocking chair.  I DO NOT look at all of the things that need to be done, or packed or finished.  I just sit and pray.   I pray for our baby's birth mom, her health and well being as well as her anxiety about what is to come.  I pray for our baby, as he or she is being formed as I pray.    I pray for all the financial details that must be worked out.  I pray for the chaos that is sure to ensue when we bring another baby into our home (AAHHHH-Can't wait).  I pray for what the Lord must have in store for this little one. I pray for the Lord's will to be done in all of the above because He is the only one who can oversee all of it.  It brought my soul such peace to pray over Andrew and Annabelle in their nursery (before we knew they were Andrew and Annabelle).  I pray over Baby #3 the same way.  Just writing about it calms my restlessness...  Guess what I am off to do?

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  1. As I now sit in the rocking chair in Alli's room with her and give her a bottle, I think every time about all the time I sat in that same chair in the same room crying and praying and feeling like she would never be home.
    I have 1 Sam 1:27 in huge vinyl lettering above her dresser and it is a constant reminder of the journey that brought Allison home to us.