Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear Birthmom,

I am sure you remember today like it was yesterday.  In my heart of hearts, I feel like you knew from the minute you found out you were pregnant exactly what you would do with your child.  I think you had a few other children already struggling and the thought of another hungry mouth was almost too much to bear for 9 whole months.  I think you watched after you left to make sure she was okay, you took such care in where you placed her.  On the other hand, if I were you, I would have run as to not change my mind.  6 years ago today, we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary with no idea our daughter was being born.  We think it is so special to share our anniversary with her birthday, only God could have ordained that!  Your baby girl is growing into quite the young lady.  She is so smart, like wicked smart.  She loves history and the human body.  She wants to know how everything works.  She is one of the smartest kids in her class.  She has even started asking a lot of questions about you and her biological brothers and sisters.  She is touched, deep in her soul by Ethiopia and by you especially.  She is kind.  She is quite beautiful, striking to say the least.  When we go places perfect strangers compliment her on her hair, it is really long and lays in shiny curls at her shoulders.  She worries about all of us quite often,  I am afraid she gets that from me.  We are working on it, together!   She likes to know the plan for the day as soon as she gets up.  She loves to "shnugg" as she calls it, lay on the couch and hug while we chat.  This is the most treasured time of my day.  She loves to read, shop and she has started dance, ballet, at a Christian dance studio.   We pray for you each night, although Annabelle has taken over most of those duties.  I wish so badly I had a picture of you to give her I know she would love to put a face to the prayers.  She told me she knows she will see you in heaven, I don't doubt that.  We pray that as the years pass by you would continue to feel a peace and know your sweet tiny baby girl is safe and loved.  I mean really LOVED.  We pray that you would remember the short time you had with her fondly, and not with sadness as the years go by.  We pray that somehow you would understand how blessed we have been and continue to be by your sacrifice.  Thank you doesn't quite say it, but there are no words to describe how we feel about this amazing little girl.  You made it all possible.  Your decision changed the course of our lives forever, in ways we NEVER could have imagined.  Thank you for giving us Annabelle Cate Hamelmal.

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