Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Birthmom,

I have no doubt in my mind you know just what today is.  I pray that as the years go by you have a simply overwhelming peace about the sweet baby you left 6 years ago.  He is so funny.  Like "come out of no where" funny.  He often surprises himself with how funny he can be.  He is strong and so tall.  He loves to run, jump and laugh.  He loves football and baseball.  He loves to get dirty and wet.  We added a new baby to our family and Andrew is his #1 pal.  They do everything together and Andrew could not be more sweet and patient.  He is smart, almost too smart for his own good!  He has had some struggles in school lately because he is learning to work the system.  Don't worry, we are on it!!!  He is a gentleman, holding doors and always helping with anything.  He is becoming more and more independent and he is very strong willed.  He is passionate and fiery about everything!  He is beyond handsome.  He is so striking, complete strangers tell me how much trouble I will be in with his "beautiful browns".  He is a protector of his sister and brother first and foremost.  We still pray for you each night.  We pray that you are healthy and safe and that your whole family has enough to eat and drink.  That last part is new as of just a few weeks ago.  He is starting to really think about the world around him.  We thank God for you and the indescribable sacrifice you made so that we, halfway around the world could become a family.  Six years ago today you made a decision that would change the course of your life and ours.  I cannot imagine what must of gone through your mind as you looked on that sweet face.  Probably the same thing that goes through mine each time I look at him, "how lucky am I?"  Thank you for giving us our precious Andrew Jess Yecheneku.

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