Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a moment...

My life is disappearing in front of my eyes.  I feel like I have just blinked and Benjamin went from a baby to 13 months.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!!!  My "babies" are turning 6 next week.  How did that happen???!!!!!  I was doing a bible study about the book of James and one of the things James says is that "our lives are but a vapor".  He wasn't kidding!  Nothing to make your life feel like a vapor like watching your babies grow up in front of your eyes.  Today, I took just a moment to rock Benjamin a little bit longer before laying him down for nap time.  I am usually in and out of that chair in a whirl wind because I am basically at his sleepy headed mercy when it comes to getting work done during nap time.  Today I held and rocked him, maybe ALMOST dozed off myself.  While he was laying on my shoulder, he wrapped his tiny arms around my neck and just breathed.  His hot, sweet breath was on my neck for longer than usual.  I took a deep breath as tears ran down my cheeks and I realized, just for this moment he was still that tiny 5 pound baby we brought home 13 months ago...  Just for this moment, everything stopped and I relished the quiet, soft sound and comforting feeling of his breath on my neck.  What will you do today to remember that it is just a moment?

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  1. Hey darlin I figured I would call myself anonymous cause I can't figure out another way to post on this blog so your aunt Janie is anonymous lol!! I love your blogs they help me to feel like I am there close to you and your precious ones! I so enjoyed Benjamin's Birthday Party Pictures! You know honey just remember it's during the wonderful times of our lives that time fly's by and during the not so great ones that it slow's down, therefore I am so happy life is so good for you and you little ones right now! Love you all so much! xoxoxo!!