Monday, February 20, 2012

Pics from Mr.One-derful's Party

Just to set the stage...  I have instituted a policy of huge birthday parties every 5 years (thank you Kristen Plamondon).  Last year the big kids turned 5 and we had a BLOW OUT!!  I mean like 70 people at Marley Farms to celebrate.  I MAY have felt a little guilty (insert healthy dose of Mommy Guilt) about them having a new sibling and everything and went a TAD overboard...  Like bedazzling the hot pink bandannas because they weren't girly enough.  All of that to say, the big kids are having smaller parties this year to make room for Benjamin's First Birthday!  We had 54 of our closest friends (remember our family is HUGE to begin with, so we aren't as popular as that number makes us seem) over to celebrate!  Here are a few pics!
What?  I'm one???!!!  Where has the time gone?

We love our baby brother!

The bears we sent to Benjamin's bio siblings on his birthday

Thank you Mimi for printing and CUTTING all 72 of those cute circles!

Army of cupcakes

And all of these too...  It takes a lot of cupcakes to fill up the special friends we have in our lives!

Thank you Mayes Family for loaning us your bounce house!

Thank you Mr. Ryan for sweeping out our trampoline!

You can't tell from Annabelle's expression, but the Cotton Candy Machine was a HUGE HIT!!!  Thanks Mimi!
As was the popcorn machine- Thanks Jeff and Lindsay!

Benjamin's first hot dogs!

The party was such a "rager" that some of the guests dressed in costumes...  Spidey (Carter), Superman (Andrew) and Buzz (Trevor) made special appearances.

"Is this for me????!!!!!"

"Kinda squishy...."

"It's official, I LOVE butter cream!"

Present opening was PANDEMONIUM!!!!!

Brother love- Our cousins Caiden and Cooper, often referred to as one entity, CaidenCooper

"Is it time for another nap yet?"

Cousin Blakeleigh...  This is kinda how the party went...  Really fast!!!

Could he BE any cuter?

These are the sweet people who bought our tickets to and from Utah, just because they could!!!!  We love you Mr. And Mrs. Ellis!

UB with the birthday boy

More presents!

"Was there any cake leftover?"

Our friend Baby Will, 5 moths younger than Benjamin.  I will someday write a children's book about the adventures Will, Benjamin and Ryan (another buddy not quite a month younger than Benjamin) will go on!

"Here dad, surely this would go faster if I helped!"

See what I mean about lots of special people?
Well, as you can see we had so much fun!  The party whizzed by just like the last year has.  We cannot believe this is the same five pound bundle we brought home just a year ago.  What a blessing this little man is:)
Stay tuned for more "adoption news" as I will detail the lengths at which we will go to secure a copy of Benjamin's birth certificate!

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