Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adoption Day

Five years ago today we celebrated what would be our very first Adoption Day:)  We went to court with two little ones all dressed up and promised to take care of them forever.  We loved them in our hearts before we even met them.  We prayed for them before we saw their pictures.  God knew the plan for how amazingly our lives would be intertwined before the creation of the world.  And yet, this formality of standing before the judge surrounded by our family was so monumental.  The words in the adoption decree state, "...From this time forward you shall bear the relationship of natural child and natural mother and natural father...".  Not biological, because no matter how much we love them, no matter how much they are just like us, they will never be biologically our own.  I think we have something better, "natural" in fact.  It is only natural that we be a family. That day 5 years ago, the court recognized our babies as "Sanborns", naturally.  We love you Andrew and Annabelle!  Happy Adoption Day!
This is us "becoming a family"

Yes, I let her have a chocolate chip cookie with whip cream for breakfast

Yes, and him too!

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