Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay, so we missed a few milestones....

Hello, my name is Molly and I am a TERRIBLE BLOGGER!!!  So let's rewind a little so we can share some "big deals" happening around our house!

November 10, 2011
THis was soooooooooo deserving of it's own post on the actual day, but I was exsausted from all the crying (you know me).  The crying actually started the second we started speaking with our court appointed attorney.  Just to fill in a few details, It took us a long time (seemingly) to finalize because of the  laws in Utah and Arizona.  Utah requires a 6 month wait after the baby is placed in the home.  This isn't for birth mom to change her mind, or for other family to come out of the woodwork, it is just to make sure the family is working well and everyone is adjusting.  Well, we did and when Benjamin was 6 months old, we got clearance from our agency in Utah to finalize (that was in July).  Then we applied for finalization with the state of Arizona in August and were granted our court date of November 10th.  So that takes us to the court house with our little family of 5, Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Frankie, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Shari and Gigi.  We were joined outside by our friends Miss Erin and Baby Will.  We were late (of course) and when we finally made it through the metal detectors and into the waiting room, I was already crying with the weight of the day.  Benjamin was still "Baby Boy P*******", legally anyway.  We were making him a Sanborn!!!!  When we met for a few minutes with our court appointed attorney, she read over the docs with us (we had already done this, so it shouldn't have been so emotional, but it was) and I was crying again.  Inside the court room, I of course got really nervous and started crying all over again as we got sworn it.  The wording of the court documents really hit me, "..from this day forth you shall bear the relationship of parent and child..."  WOW!  We have been caring for this sweet peanut everyday of his life, but to swear on a bible with your right hand and promise to do what is right...  It really reminded me how very important being a mommy is.  It also reminded me how good God is to bring 3 babies into our home.  Three precious ones whose stories are being written right in front of our eyes, stories God has known from the beginning of time.  Stories we are beyond blessed to be a part of.
This is us with our attorney

And drumroll please....  Our first official photo of Sanborn Party of Five

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