Friday, September 10, 2010

Today's Task-Fingerprints

We went to get fingerprints done today (after Dance Class and Sports Class of course).  We stopped and had lunch at Basha's ( lunch for all of us for $6 can I get a woot woot?!) and did some shopping.  We were with our friends T and B all day and their mommy agreed to tag along for this too.  Yes, they are in carts and yes, we are no longer in Basha's but at the UPS store.  In case you are wondering, no- they do not have carts at the UPS store...  When we walked in with those 2 huge carts, the ladies looked at us like we had 3 heads.  I simply said, "trust me, you would rather have them here in carts than running a muck in your store".  I'm sure after the first verse of "B-I-N-G-O" they agreed.  Thanks to Erin for taking these pics!  So here we are adding one more check mark to our adoption list of to do's!

Annabelle, B, Andrew and T

I know, kind of ghetto- but cute too!

Doesn't the "fingerprint lady" look thrilled?  She is probably thinking, "seriously, you want another one?"


  1. I love it. Especially the comment about the UPS store lady. Did you call her before you went so that you'd have matching outfits? ;)

  2. OMG Molly i think she must of left her since of humor home who on this planet couldnt just love that little group....

  3. i think this picture of you is posted on the wall of other UPS stores-if you see this woman, don't serve her...

  4. I hadn't noticed her face...that is THE best! :) I just laughed outloud. You know we were the most exciting part of their year....