Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Benjamin!

Yea!!!  I still cannot believe we have another Gotcha Day to celebrate in our house!  Two years ago today Benjamin became ours, on paper anyway.  We were up just staring at Benjamin most of the night.  Well I was anyway.  Bill got a few winks, as the hospital gave us our own room.  I remember watching him sleep thinking, "Is this really happening?".  I also remember praying, "Lord, we do not know if this will be our son.  There is so much that needs to happen so that we can fully celebrate.  Guard my heart Lord."

I think God may have audibly laughed.

 It was too late, a 5 pound 11 oz bundle was part of our family even if just until the morning if and when birth mom decided to parent.  I wish I could explain this more beautifully, but we made a decision.  I made the decision every adoptive Momma makes, I decided to love.  Hold and cry and snuggle and cry and feed and cry my way through the waiting period.  God would not want us to with hold what Benjamin needed for our own protection.

Where Benjamin was born, we only waited 24 hours, so we had it easy.  At about 12:30 (papers were being signed at 2), birth mom wanted to spend some time with Benjamin so Bill and I left the hospital for a while.  THE LONGEST 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE.  I strolled around Old Navy and made what seemed like lengthy phone calls.  I called everyone who would answer their phones just to "chat" while we waited.  I am sure I seemed soooo calm, cool and collected!  We went back to the hospital at 2:15 (I couldn't wait any longer).  Our social worker called at 2:30 and said birth mom had signed and they were on their way over to get us to sign.  At about 4:30 all of the paperwork was done, we had met with birth mom and her 5 children and were were in our room again alone with Benjamin.  He was only about 26 hours old and so much had happened in his little life.

 Today, our hearts are just as full as they were that day.  We love you Benjamin and are so blessed to be your parents.  Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea!

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