Thursday, August 4, 2011

So Lucky...

Often we are at the park or at the grocery store and people around us figure out that our kids are adopted.  Usually this is when Bill is with me, as when he's not they assume my husband is black.  Recently I had someone tell me, "honey, you were just the oven for those buns".  OK...  The most likely comment is, "Oh, they are so lucky".  This comment is always directed at Andrew and Annabelle, as most people don't notice the baby in the bucket,  or they think Benjamin has a great tan (as did one lady at the assisted living establishment Bill's grandma lives at).   Meaning, my children are so lucky to be scooped out of their birth country, out of poverty, out of an orphanage and placed here in America.  Although well meaning, there is a flip side to this.  My children were placed by their birth moms somewhere they knew they would be safe.  Somewhere they knew these children would be cared for and loved and better off.  This means they will never know where they truly came from, who carried them and felt them kick from inside.  They will grieve a loss we can never know.  They will never know any biological siblings or know where they get their beautiful brown eyes.  They will never know medical history, or family history for the ones they are biologically tied.  We pray for Andrew, Annabelle and Benjamin's birth families every night.  We will tell these sweet babies about the heroics that brought them into our family.  Acts of God really, truly.  The plan God had from the beginning of time for their lives and the journey that started with the act of their birth moms choosing to let go of the MOST precious gift.  However that happened, they chose a better life for these sweet babies.  Then, through more amazing acts of God's mercy, He chose us to be their family.  Us, Bill and I.  Many of you are also part of our family, blood related or otherwise and He chose you too.  What a miracle!!  If you know us, we were so sad without children.  We have always known it was God's will for us to be parents, but after 5 years of trying, that seemed impossible.  And then God moved and it just happened.  By God's grace we have a filled all the bedrooms in our house.  What a miracle right?  Aren't we the lucky ones?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your story gives me hope as we wait for our miracle:) Thank you, Dee