Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Adoption Day Andrew and Annabelle!

Four years ago today we made our family official!  We stood in front of a judge (while Andrew ate crayons), and our family to finalize Andrew and Annabelle's adoption.  Lots of pictures and lots of tears that day.  It seemed like our long road to family was finally over.  Andrew and Annabelle had been in our hearts for such a long time, and in our home for almost a year by the time the hearing came.  Nonetheless, it was a momentous occasion and we still celebrate it every year.  This year, Bill had to work late and the kids and I had Little Ceaser's.  I know, I am spoiling them, but what am I supposed to do- it's a big day:)  Here are some pics of the day we celebrate:
This is me pretending not to sweat as the judge is asking us questions and we swore on the bible  that we would do our best to take care of these babies- YIKES!!
After the hearing the judge indulged us for a few HUNDRED pictures!!!
This is the ONLY pic from that day where we were all looking the same direction (sort of).

Annabelle and I outside the courthouse!  Dear Babies, this will be the only time we will ever be outside of this building in a case concerning you...
Could he be any cuter??!!!  If anyone needs to borrow a J Crew size 4 lavender, white and green tie, let me know!
Of course there were presents!!!
And yes, after promising a judge I would take excellent care of them, I let them have whip cream for breakfast.

And a chocolate chip pie/cookie.  Oh well!!!

And of course this famous picture of Andrew and his Pappy.  We wish we could celebrate more "Adoption Days" with this sweet man!

As we celebrate today, we can't help but wonder when we will be celebrating Benjamin's adoption day! I think he may be too little for whip cream for breakfast...  We'll see:)


  1. i remember the day well!! So exciting to be part of it-love you andrew and annabelle!!


  2. Hi Molly! I love your blog and read it whenever you post. My memory is awful so if we have talked about this, please excuse me!! But I think we live in the same state...judging by your photos of the court house address! Message me at baby.wanted@ymail.com please because I want to talk to you about something! :)