Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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I assume there will be several of these in our journey! I just wanted to share something that has been on my heart. As you know from previous posts, bringing Andrew and Annabelle home was not exactly a financial strain on our resources. We had very little debt then (only my measly student loan, which we still have by the way). Technically we did have one other debt, our home. Well, actually, even though our home was a debt, it enabled us to bring the babies home. We took out a home equity loan and started charging!!! Can you say cha-ching??!! Well, 4 years later, the world is a different place-as we all know! Our adoption this time around is going to be much harder to fund. After our initial "money drop" from God, we were able to start our home study. After this, God will need to provide another $3000 for a dossier fee, which of course He is working out. After that another $6500 when we accept referral. We think with the addition of my second job we will be able to save some of it. But the point is, it's expensive and we know our God will provide. More importantly, Bill and I have had to let go of some of our pride and talk to other people about it. This has been a terrifying and sometimes embarrassing experience. Most of our family doesn't even know how much our last adoption cost because we were guarded about money. With this adoption we are letting God work and not holding on so tightly to the whole process. Because of the prompting of our hearts, and the process he is bringing us through we know that He is in control of financing this adoption, not us. I plan to work my bootie off to get grants and loans once our homestudy is final, as I mentioned before a second job, and that will help. But the bottom line is we have to trust our God to be faithful. Our God who brought us through some terrible struggles and amazing triumphs to bring Andrew and Annabelle home, will be faithful. He wants to change our hearts and add to our family. But we have to trust Him to be faithful.
Isn't He always?

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  1. Yes Molly, Our God is Faithful always and lead us. He has worked such miracles in your life and will continue. Have Faith in our Amazing God